Autumn in the Morvan, BEAUTIFUL !!!!


A nod to the pretty mushroom, click here 

Let’s enjoy these last warm and sunny days on the terrace of the cottage…


What’s the weather like here at the moment… and over the next few days ?

For a live preview, watch the live webcam from Lac des Settons

Today’s weather and what’s to come :

What’s happening here this autumn? 

Programme of the CLAP cinema in Ouroux 

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Events in the Morvan :

Newsletter du 17 novembre au  2 decembre 2023, click

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Tourist documentation to download, click here (Version Française, English version, Nederlandse versie)


Do you want to go out on foot or by bike ?


Some additional and wonderful treks to discover :








To find out more  what is happening in and around Ouroux :

– Around Ouroux :  Tourist Office / Post Office, 1 Rue du Commerce, +33 (0)3 86 78 20 11, Contact : Sébastien

– In the « Domaine Morvan Sommets et Grands Lacs »

– In the Morvan in general : 

All the events of the month :

And more : 

Enjoy your Holidays in the Morvan



Photo et audio Cybercartes 
Photos Allo-Ciné, Christine